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Below you will find auto transport reviews of the best auto transport companies written by our staff of car shipping professionals. You can see an in-depth report of each company, compare car transport services and pricing from the major auto transport companies, and also compare quotes. Please educate yourself about each of these auto shippers by reading each of the transport reviews carefully before you choose a company to work with. For more information, please visit our auto transport tips section or frequently asked questions page.

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Auto Transport Reviews of America’s Best Auto Transport Companies

A-AAA Auto Transport
A-AAA Auto Transport Logo A-AAA Auto Transport has been a leader in auto transport for more than a decade. With outstanding customer satisfaction rates and reliable auto transport services, it is no wonder they are the name to trust for thousands of people!
Dependable Auto Shippers
Dependable Auto Shippers Logo Dependable Auto Shippers chose their name for a good reason – to let people know they were different than most car shipping companies. DAS has a proven track record of quality, dependable service and affordable pricing is unrivaled!
Direct Express Auto Transport
Direct Express Auto Transport Logo Direct Express Auto Transport offers both domestic and international car shipping services for customers in the United States and overseas. Their competitive pricing and top-notch service makes them a very popular car carrier.
United Road Auto Transport
United Road Auto Transport Logo United Road Auto Transport is one of the most respected auto transport companies in the country. Their customer satisfaction rating stems from fast, reliable delivery of thousands of vehicles per year at a price that’s hard to beat!

What Services Do Auto Transport Companies Provide?

The way that car transport companies work is quite simple, really. After hiring the services of the company, they will load the vehicle onto a bed and drive it, by truck, to its new destination. However, there is some planning necessary at the beginning of the process. Certain factors, which should be noted, can affect the price of your vehicle shipment. These include the following:

  • Last minute shipping.
  • Expedited shipping.
  • Method in which the vehicle is transported.
  • Where the vehicle is dropped off and picked up.

You should realize that just like any other industry, the cost of auto transport varies from business to business. Some of the above price factors may affect the cost in a manner which makes one company more expensive than another for your circumstances. Do your research and make sure to note any of the above points to keep your auto transport company’s cost as low as possible!

How Does a Car Shipping Company Transport My Car?

Obviously, your primary expectation when dealing with an auto transport company is that your vehicle should be delivered safely. However, the timeframe for the transportation can, in some peoples’ cases, be just as important as the condition of the car on arrival. If you are on a tight schedule, you should discuss this with the business. Some car shippers charge extra for a guaranteed delivery date, while others may not. Obviously, because this is case by case, you will want to make a note of it yourself before deciding on an auto transport company.

If you are worried about physical damage to your vehicle, you should relax! Vehicle damage is fairly rare when dealing with the leading auto transport companies. At any rate, all vehicles shipped are fully guaranteed, so potential damage is insured by the company. Just be sure to note any existing damage before the car is loaded. The vehicle transportation specialist will likely do the same as well.

How Can I Find the Best Auto Transport Company?

Deciding on a car shipper is difficult for those who do not often require their services. This is why we here at have listings for many of the leading auto transport businesses in the country! You can obtain price quotes and compare the services offered by each, allowing you to make an informed decision with no pressure. Check out our listings and find an auto transport company that suits your needs!

For answers to additional car shipping questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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