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Below you will find alarm company reviews written by our staff of home security professionals. You can see an in-depth report of each company, compare home security systems and pricing among the major home security companies, and also compare quotes. Please educate yourself about each of these security providers by reading each of the alarm company reviews carefully before you choose a company to work with. For more information, please visit our home security tips section or frequently asked questions page. The home security companies listed here are among the best and most trusted in the nation.

Alarm Companies Reviews of America’s Best Home Security Companies

ADT Security
ADT Security Logo ADT Security Services, also known as ADT, is part of the Tyco International company, a supplier of electronic security products, including all commonly used home and business security products. For example, fire and life safety, video surveillance, and many other high-tech products.
FrontPoint Security
FrontPoint Security Logo Perhaps the largest provider of wireless home security protection in the U.S, FrontPoint Security provides both hard-wired and wireless security for residential and commercial properties. Wireless alarms are easier to install and provide amazing security!
Monitronics Logo Monitronics Alarm Systems is one of the largest and fastest growing home alarm monitoring companies in the world. Offering both residential and commercial alarm system services, Monitronics is a great choice for anyone seeking quality security protection at an affordable price.
Protect America Home Security
Protect America Logo Whether you need a home security system for your home or business, Protect America Home Security can deliver quality protection at a highly competitive rate. Be sure to ask a representative about receiving 20 percent off your homeowners insurance when you use Protect America security services!
Protection 1
Protection 1 Logo Protection 1 is a leading provider of residential and commercial home security services, offering alarm system monitoring and services. They are the second largest national security company, serving more than 1 million home and business customers.
Vivint Security
Vivint Logo Vivint is one of the fastest growing security companies in the nation. They have been in business for more than 40 years and have created some of the most state-of-the-art technology and systems to protect homeowners and businesses alike.

Why Hire a Home Security Company?

The name may seem to imply that they are meant to warn against break-ins, but home security systems often do much, much more. In fact, burglary is only one of the tragic circumstances that can be prevented with the help of a great home security company.

The following are several examples of services offered by quality home security systems:

  • Extensive burglar alarms throughout the entire home.
  • Smoke, fire, and temperature monitoring.
  • Carbon monoxide detection systems.
  • Flood monitoring systems.
  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring of all systems.
  • Fast, professional response to any and all alarms.

What Home Security Companies Can I Get a Quote From?

We work with many of the largest home security companies in the nation, as well as smaller home alarm companies in your area. You can find alarm company reviews of each of the security providers in our network to help decide which company you want to work with.

Home security companies can keep you and your loved ones safe from nearly any dangerous situation in or around your home. In addition to the services listed above, all family members can also be given access to medical emergency and/or panic buttons. These will allow a resident to trigger an alarm even if nothing is detected by the system. It is important to have this ability in case residents detect something wrong themselves.

Another product that may be particularly important to those who own larger homes are reliable camera systems. These will allow you to view various areas of the home to ensure they are safe at any time during the day. One amazing aspect of these systems is that modern technology allows owners to view their cameras from their own personal computers. You can even keep an eye on your entire home while you work on your laptop!

How Do I Choose a Home Security Company?

Decisions as important as this can certainly be difficult, considering both the cost of these systems and how imperative it is to own a proper one. However, we at can put your mind at ease! With our database of quality businesses that focus on installing these systems properly and efficiently, you can find the perfect one for your budget. So check our and help us match you with the right home security company to keep everything you care about safe and sound!

For answers to additional home security questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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